Title Role Director Prod. Company
Luna's World Pixie Pete Lauren Billingham Little Pig Productions
Chocolate Moon Albert Alex Moran Serenity Pictures
Home Away Dad (Hero) Tom Kuntz MJZ
Oxfam Unwrapped NZ Gift Giver Kaan Hiini Curative
Vodafone Jonno Zia Mandviwalla Curious Film
Tui Hero Guy 1 Hamish Rothwell GoodOil Films
Straight Acting Murray Jesse Hilford Legacy Project
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Alfred Claire Buckley Point Blank Productions
The Collector Frederick Clegg Luke Thornborough Wild Boy Productions & Female Company
Frost/Nixon David Frost Claire Buckley Point Blank Productions
Popcorn Wayne Hudson Karl Buckley Torbay Theatre
Le Liasons Dangereuses Azolan Julian Toy-Cronin Ellerslie Theatre
Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy Karl Buckley Company Theatre
Albert Make Us Laugh Albert Kevin Murray Ellerslie Theatre
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Tripp Davenport Barry Spring Ellerslie Theatre
Jack and the Beanstalk (Panto) Nigel the Giant Andy Byron Off the Ground Theatre
What's in the Box? (TIE) Timothy Pope Andrew Radcliffe Fuse Theatre
A World Away (TIE) Ben Xana MacLean Fuse Theatre
The Wonders of Algenon's Attic Chief Katak-tak/Puppeteer Dan Wood Alton Towers
Little Acorns (TIE) Rowan Kathy McArdle Fuse Theatre
Treasure Island Dr Livsey Dan Meigh Off the Ground Theatre
Short Film
Put Your Hands Together Please Howard Jane Warren Gainsborough Films
Finding Courage Pixie Pete Suzanne DeZeeuw Little Pig Productions
The Birds or the Bees Dad Ben Hobbs The Shooting Blanks
Apple Bobbin Steve Anna Duckworth, Benjamin Brooking Dream Coloured Pictures
The Hangers On Will Anna Duckworth, Benjamin Brooking Dream Coloured Pictures
Circus Animals Cheater Anna Duckworth, Benjamin Brooking Mo Appreciation Collective
Musical Production
Love Me Tinder Daren Stephen Sinclair Click-Clack Productions
The Wonderful Winter Wollie Flopp Pixie Pete Luke Thornborough Little Pig Productions
Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat Pharaoh/Levi Merrin Cavel Pilgrim Productions
Much Ado About Nothing Antonio Iona Farley Off the Ground Theatre
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow of Doom King Richard Dan Meigh Off the Ground Theatre
Tom's Midnight Garden Tom Brian Thresh Image Musical Theatre
The Merry Wives of Windsor Master Ford Dan Meigh Off the Ground Theatre
A Christmas Carol (Panto) Martin Mouse James Hornsby Castle Theatre (Wellingborough)
A Midsummer Nights Dream Lysander Dan Meigh Off the Ground Theatre
Jabberwocky Writer/Director Stephen Lunt Off the Ground Youth Theatre
The Wrong Side Writer/Director Stephen Lunt Auckland Fringe
A Midsummer Mess Writer/Director Auckland Fringe Point Blank Productions